Home Remedies of Clogged Toilets

Home Remedies of Clogged Toilets

Keeping the toilets clean and free from all sorts of clogs is a basic responsibility of every homeowner. Clogging has been one of the most common problems that a bathroom can face on any day. You may try your level best to keep your toilet clog free, but there is no guarantee that all your efforts would be fruitful. You may find the troubles of clogged bathroom on any day. You can always take help of the local plumbers and get the clog removed. This is not a trusted solution for the problems of clogged toilet.

In case, you a resident of Brisbane in Australia, then you can always consider yourself a little fortunate as you can get reliable and long-lasting blocked drain solution in Brisbane. Most of these services are available right from the most experienced service providers. However, you can do it yourself with a plunger, which is popularly known as a ‘Friend of Toilets’.

Find the Best Plunger:
Finding the right kind of a plunger is not a difficult task, provided you search for it carefully. While looking for the best one, you must consider the size of your toilet bowl. The size of the plunger should be adequate to clean the toilet bowl clearly. As far as the best plunger is concerned, you can trust the funnel-cup plungers as the most useful one.

Put It in Warm Water for Sometime:
Plungers are made with quality rubber that needs to be made softer before you put them in use. You can put the plunger in warm water for some time, so that it gets supple and then, its utilities would increase quite a few times.

Hold it Properly:
You need to use the plunger in the most effective way. It is, therefore, you need to hold it correctly so that you can use it to get the maximum advantage. Your target should be to plunge the toilet so that it pumps out the clogging and leave it clean and clog free.

Use Warm Water and Dishwasher Liquid:
Avoid using harder chemical-based products as they can kill and damage the useful bacteria. This can be even more harmful for. In such a situation, you can make a mixture of water and dishwasher and apply in the toilet pan. In case, you find some harder clogs in the toilet pan, then you can even think about using an auger.

Flush the Toilet in the End:
After the successful completion of cleaning clogged toilet, you can now flush the toilet and see it running smoothly. However, if you find things have not gone your way, then you can now think about getting in touch with local plumbers. Don’t waste your time any more.