Important Checklist to Avoid Illegal Gas Installation or Gas Fitting

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It is always important that gas appliances are correctly installed and for that you need to choose a proper gas installation service provider. It is always safe to maintain a checklist whenever you call a plumber or Brisbane gas fitters to your home or for industrial purpose. And if you do not follow a few rules there can be a lot of problems happening due to the wrong installation:

  • Who can fit the gas: Whenever you call a gas fitter you need to ensure that they have proper license to work on these kind of work. There are different types of licenses that the authorities issue for different kind of workers. For those who are expert and master of the work they have a different id than the apprentice or a journeyman plumber. Even the gas fitters have different range of ids and licenses. One must check these before letting a gas installation service to the home
  • Permits: You need to check the permit from a plumber or a gas fitter from the local inspectors whether they are authorized to do that work or not. Minor repairs do not really need a permit but in case of plumbing which involves replacing, relocating, or altering needs a permit.
  • What you should do?
    • You need to always hire a professional who has a proper license.
    • Always make sure that the Brisbane gas fitters who visit your home do have a liability insurance paper. Otherwise if any kind of problem occurs you will have to face all the problems.
    • Try and get some quotes from different service provider. It will be easier for you to choose the best one at a low price possible.
    • Contact a lot of company. You can use the referrals from your neighbors, friends and also your family members as well.
    • Do make an agreement on the work to be done and the price you need to pay for so that there is confusion after the work is completed.
    • Make sure you include all the details in the agreement. Include the permit, the license number, the work to be done, materials required and also date of completion as well.
    • You can opt to make part payments on the basis of percentage of work done till date. Or you can pay half of the amount in advance and the rest later.
    • Always ask to see the permit. This will guarantee that the work is done under the permit of inspectors and also an expert is working.
    • Always make sure that Ensure that the gas pipe and other appliances are well maintained so that there is no problem regarding them.
    • Check the ventilation system of all the pipes and other gas related appliances as well.
If you can follow the above checklists as and when there is a need of gas fitting or any kind of repair work regarding gas pipes, there will no problem regarding illegal gas fittings or any kind of unwanted problem due to wrong installation of the pipes and the other appliances.