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We have all heard of pre purchase building and pest inspections but a pre purchase plumbing inspection. Why would you spend the extra money to have this completed when buying a property?  At Alliance Plumbing Brisbane we think it’s simple – to save cost and eliminate large unplanned for repairs!  As a rule, building inspectors who complete your building inspections usually do not have the training to pick up potential plumbing issues.

Identify Hidden Problems

Pre purchase plumbing inspections completed by Alliance Plumbing have found that 95% of houses inspected have one or more problems with their plumbing, whether it’s a water hammer, tree roots in the stormwater or sewer pipes or a beautiful looking hot water heater rusting away on the inside.

Complete Plumbing Check

As part of the inspection, all plumbing will be checked and reported on.  This includes all underground pipe works as well as the internal plumbing in the property.  This is then compiled in a detailed report that states if there are any issues.  This may save you thousands on unexpected plumbing cost or the inconvenience of moving into your new home to find out that the shower doesn’t work, or the toilet doesn’t flush.

Peace of Mind with Older Properties

With thousands of homes in the older parts of Brisbane, especially in South Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Coorparoo, Lutwyche, Toowong, Nundah, West End, Windsor, Yeronga and Wooloowin over 100 years old, the chances of these homes having pipes and sewers that have deteriorated with age or have been affected by tree roots are high.  Age is not the sole cause of plumbing issues, any property should be checked.

An Alliance Plumbing pre purchase plumbing inspection will not only give you a peace of mind but it may also save your wallet! Feel free to contact us today on 07 3397 2030 or book a job via our contact form at


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