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Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection

Alliance Plumbing will give you peace of mind

A lot of the time people are smart and get a building and pest inspection before buying a house to look for any hidden dark secrets that could cost them extra money.

What most people don’t realise is that a building inspection does not look for hidden or underground plumbing problems, which are usually the most expensive to fix.  Our qualified and professional plumbers have found that 95% of houses they inspect have one or more problems with their plumbing, whether it’s a water hammer, tree roots in the stormwater or sewer pipes or a beautiful looking hot water heater rusting away on the inside.

Brisbane Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections

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Book in a Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection with Alliance Plumbing

A pre purchase plumbing inspection will investigate all the plumbing throughout the house including the underground pipe work. Giving you reassurance that any plumbing issues are identified.

Drainage Camera

Our drain cameras can detect blockages, root damage from trees, poorly laid drains obstructions and plot your drains so you know where they are located.

You will be provided with a report that will detail the following:

  • Broken, blocked or faulty sewer pipes
  • Downpipes and stormwater pipes that do not connect to the storm water system or are broken or blocked
  • Bad water pressure
  • Old rusty water pipes with leaks
  • Hot water systems that need to be replaced
  • Old, leaking and broken tapware and fixtures, and
  • Condition of pipes for vanities, sinks & tubs
Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection Brisbane

Why Use Alliance Plumbing

For peace of mind and to avoid any nasty surprises call us or complete the book a job form above. Our licensed plumbers will be able to discuss tailoring a plumbing inspection report to your requirements and book a convenient time to carry out the inspection.